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Butter Knife Gift

kitchen birthday gift butter knife

Elegant Kitchen Tool – Jagerspitz 3-in- 1 Butter Knife

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Gift this elegant butter knife encased in an ornate gift box bearing the Jagerspitz logo to your colleague and he or she will definitely go “wow!” If your friend or officemate seems to have everything, this is something that you can give as a birthday surprise. This butter knife has an ergonomic design that makes cutting butter easier and spreading it more conveniently and artful. It is comfortable to use this knife and it can work in various hand sizes, which can be a delight to the user. You can use this as a grater, curler, or slicer. Make thin slices, cut cubes of butter, or create thin curls to design or decorate your food. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe and very sturdy.

Since it comes in a box, it is also easy to carry this butter knife. Its elegant look is something that your colleague can show off to guests and friends. It is also a good birthday present idea for your boos or your client. He or she can keep this at home or in the office, where it can be put into good use.

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