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Car Laser Rear Warning Lamp

Avoid traffic with laser Anti-Collision Driving Safety Signal lamp

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Now avoid Traffic uncertainties and accidents with the latest technology. The Latest Anti Collision Rear Car Laser as well as Driving Safety Signal Warning Lamp will safeguard you from the common road casualties. It has an Auto Brake Parking Lamp, rearing warning light which will aware you about the hurdles while driving.

Main function of this laser lamp is;

It can be used excellently to warn the vehicles behind us while they are coming too close to our car.

It makes driving stress-free in the climates like rains, fog and sandstorms.

People having problem in night driving are now at ease as this device warns about the vehicle position and steering indication.

It creates a para auxiliary line while taking reverse gear to park the car in the garage.

1. Do not illuminate the eye when installed.
2. Do not shield the plate when installed.
3. The product is only used for cars, trucks or motorcycles with voltage of 12V-24V.

How to install it
1) Connect the wire with the Reverse Light/ Parking light/ Brake Light/ Plate Lamp Wire.
2).Use the 3M Sticker (Inside the package) to fix the laser light, you can decide which part would you like to choose




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