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Classic Musical Jewelry Box

birthday gift jewlery musical box

Perfect for every woman’s most precious and timeless jewelries

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I remember going inside my mom’s bedroom most of the time when I was still a kid just to play with her musical jewelry box. I find it amusing that the music will play every time I open it and stop as I close it. She would often catch me doing it and would end up listening together. I remember asking for one for my birthday gift too unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep it as I get older.

Classic Design, Made with Quality

This Royal Blue Music Box made by MusicBoxAttic is a hand-made jewelry box that is made to last for generations. It is made of the finest quality of wood which is a solid Burl-Elm with an 18 note movement. On top is a violin design that makes it really look classical especially with its royal blue color finish. Not only most of your jewelries would look nice inside this box but the classical sound that it plays is another reason to have it as a keepsake. This particular product offers different tunes to choose from.  A nice melody can bring back happy moments and with precision mechanical movement, listeners will definitely find themselves being brought back to their nicest memories.

It is for every woman

Seeing this product makes me want to give it to my mom right away. I really think that this musical jewelry box would be a nice birthday gift for moms or ladies who would like to have a wonderful sound inside their room while dressing up. I know that my mom will be able to remember during those times when I was still little playing with her jewelry box.

In this day and age where in there are just too many things that we can use as an alternative to musical jewelry boxes, having this kind is still something that most girls or women would like to have. In fact, I’m planning to get one for each of my girls as they get a bit older, they’re only 6 and 9, and I wanted it to be the first that they will have.

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