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Comfy Hammock for Your Cat


Space Saving Crib for Pets. And a cool one!

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Here’s another great birthday gift idea for your pet-loving friend. It’s a Cat Hammock that your pal can put under her chair to save on space and clutter that cumbersome pet beds can sometimes pose. Plus, cats love to creep underneath a furniture piece to claim these darkened space as their hideout. The feline will enjoy lounging or sleeping on her crib beneath your chair or small table while keeping tabs on the goings within her environment.

The hammock can be installed using a 270-millimeter long Velcro that is fully flexible. It is made of comfortable cloth that is 400 by 400 millimeters big. The package comes with four rubber rings that have anti-slip features to secure the hammock and retain its position and four buckles to keep it in place and make the cat safe while lying on the hanging bed. The hammock is also removable so that pet owners can easily store it and carry it when taking a trip with their cats. It is available in dark gray, black, and beige colors. Your friend will be grateful to get this functional product for her pet during her birthday.

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