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Condiment Dispenser Gun


Add a little bit of fun to your party with this Dispenser Gun

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Are you a fan of tomato sauce, mustard, or mayo? I’m sure everyone loves sauce and make food’s taste better than its usual taste.  Just squeeze your sauce bottle dispenser, and there you go! You can mix up with your favorite sauce, and start to enjoy your foodies.  It doesn’t matter if you get   messy sometimes, or your food looks untidy as long as you have achieved your desired taste.

Gun-Shaped-Party-Condiment-DispenserDid you know that you can easily dispense sauce without making it messy? Yes, you can! While the traditional bottle condiment dispenser is commonly used, brilliant minds have created this Pistol Tailgate Dispenser Gun.  It dispenses your favorite sauce easily without requiring you to squeeze, but by just simply “pulling the trigger” just like a toy gun, your sauce will be spread on to you sandwich, meat, hotdogs, chips, and any food you wish to be sauced up.

Gun-Shaped-Party-Condiment-DispenserYour kids who are fond of decorating their food with sauce before eating it would definitely love this dispenser.  Made of durable plastic, this easy to use sauce dispenser has very light weight and measures 10 x 1.7 x 8 inches.  It is one of the “must have’s” to every kitchen.  The set comes with 2 plastic squeeze bottle and a plastic gun.

Gun-Shaped-Party-Condiment-DispenserBring this along to your next barbecue party! Your friends would surely love saucing up the barbecue in a very easy way.  How about during hotdog party with kids? Try this Pistol Tailgate Sauce Dispenser Gun and certainly kids would change the way they think on saucing.

How about purchasing this as a gift for your family friends?  This item is an ideal birthday gift for everyone.Gun-Shaped-Party-Condiment-Dispenser

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