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Advice column – Cool birthday gift for babies

2 year old girl birthday presents

by Crystal (Victorville CA USA)
I need to get my niece a birthday present she is turning two she likes dogs, elephants, dora…

Mia: Hi Crystal, Dora the Explorer personalized book is a hit! It’s an amazing gift idea any kid will adore. All you have to do is to e-mail your niece’s photo and will put her picture in the book, on the cover and throughout the book’s more than 35 full-color pages. You can also add her name, birthday, and hometown to be included in the book.

1st b’day of my baby boy need some unique gift idea?

Need a very unique and creative gift idea which I can make it or prepare it for my baby oy, less expensive something that he will remember all his life?

Mia: Make him a scrapbook from with pictures and mementos from the time you were pregnant with him, till today. You could include your photo being pregnant, his birth certificate, picture of him at the hospital, a picture for every month, a small piece of his hair, his foot print, etc…

First year birthday gift

by Molly (Hong Kong)
What shall i buy for a 1st year Indian boy birthday?birthday-gift-1yr-old

Mia: Hi Molly, Development toys are great idea, things he can take apart and then assemble again. Music instruments are also good 1st year birthday gifts since they expose the baby to music and giving him the opportunity experience and experiment with sounds and rhythm.

My baby nephew gift

I haven’t got my baby nephew anything for his birthday… what should i do…

Mia: There are so many things you can get him for his birthday, you just need to know what he already has so that you won’t bring anything useless. Baby toys are great gift that he will be using a lot. Make sure you buy good quality stuff and if you can go for the organic ones such as organic dolls and cuddly toys. Baby books and DVD such as baby Einstein are also good birthday gift.

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