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Cool Owl Costume for Babies


Let your baby sport this cute owl costume on her/his birthday!

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Kids have their natural ways of making adults feel happy especially with their own little ways that makes us smile. For babies, every milestones count and most parents would love to have them document it so that we can always look back and feel happy about it.

Nowadays, there are many costumes that moms can choose from whenever they need to dress up their kids. It could be some of the famous cartoon characters, fairies, angels and even animals. I remember my first daughter celebrated her first birthday wearing an apple costume. Everybody loves it and I think that she was having a great time too at the party.owl-costume-baby-birthday

I found this cool owl costume online while browsing for my kids costume party at school and fell in love with it in an instant although my kids are grownups now and it definitely won’t fit them anymore. It comes in a complete set where in it has a hood with beak that covers the entire head except for the face. Since it was designed for babies, there are also leg snaps so that changing the diapers doesn’t have to be as hard as some would require removing the whole costume just to change diapers.

It also includes a pair of slip on booties that matches the outfit. And with skid resistant bottoms, you can make sure that if he or she tries to walk, she wouldn’t slip at all.

The jumpsuit outfit has a brown color on top and on the legs, in between; you’ll find bright colors such different shades of blue and green. Although most of the time it would be recommended for boys because of the color combination, I think that it would be a great choice even for girls.

I still have a lot of colleagues that have babies and this would be a great birthday gift for kids or babies as they are also made of 100% polyester material and still comfortable to wear. The sizes that are available for you to choose would be from 0 to 24 months. And I would prefer seeing this on kids that can already walk as they would give more justice to the costume which everybody will surely love.

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