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Pen holder with magnetic back

Gift a pen holder with magnetic back

Gift this awesome & cool penholder to your friends or colleagues!

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Having problems focusing at work because of the cluttered desk? Is searching for your favorite pen taking your precious time? These revolutionary, state of the art pen holder is indeed what you need!

You don’t need to worry about finding your lost pens and pencils as this pen holder can satisfy your needs. One problem about other pen holders is that they lack in style, but this is one exception, with its awesome design, you don’t need to hide this from your colleagues at work! Instead, they will think that you are always ready for help as the penholder is shaped like a hand.

Paper clips lost? Having a hard time looking for it? This pen holder also has a magnetic end to ensure that this will not happen again. It is also easy for you to paste that irresistible sticky note!

Because it’s light, you don’t need to worry about bringing this wherever you are. Also, gone are the days when we fear the breaking of pen holders! Since it is made mix of plastic and cement mix, you don’t need to worry about this falling and breaking up!

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