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Cool Whale Cocktail Shakers


Create your drinks in these adorable looking whale shakers!

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Planning for a birthday celebration is very exciting as much as very tiring especially for a kid’s party where in there are so many things that you have to think of; food, games, decorations, clowns and a child friendly location. However, for most adult parties, it’s a lot easier as the people who are coming may be able to bring in their share of food and wouldn’t mind at all if there are no balloons around or even parlor games.

In this case, the one thing that is usually always present would be the drinks or booze such as vodka, beer, brandy, gin and more. And if you are the type who wanted to create your own mix then you definitely need to have these whale cocktail shakers that look really nice and interesting.sperm-whale-shaker

The Whale Cocktail Shaker by Humphrey comes in a set of 4. The face of the whale looks like a typical shaker as it is made of stainless steel. What makes it really adorable would be the other half part of the body going to its tail. It’s made of food safe silicon and comes in a bright ocean blue color. The shaker can be divided in to three parts, twist the middle part to put in the ice and the drinks, after shaking, remove the tail to pour the drink to the glass and cheers!cocktail-shaker-whale

This whale cocktail shaker has a 16 oz capacity and can be disassembled for storage and easier cleaning. It’s BPA free which makes it safe to use. The shaker is sealed airtight to ensure no spills when being used. Its little stainless steel fins also makes it possible for it to keep its balance when placed on the counter. You can also have it in face down position which makes a great kitchen display too especially that it comes in 4 pieces in a set.

Have this as a birthday gift for friends and they will surely love it. Just have to tell them to invite you the first time they get to master their own cocktail mix with their very own whale cocktail shaker!whale-cocktail-shaker

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