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Cozy Fireplace is In


Nu-Flame Radia Ethanol Bio Fireplace – An elegant beauty!

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Winter is definitely a season for getting warm and comfortable! Thus having your very own fireplace in your living room is such a delight. However you very well know that owning one also means a lot of effort on keeping yours on burning that means adding fuel, woods or what-not plus not to mention keeping it clean and presentable. That’s why the Nu-Flame Radia Ethanol Bio Fireplace by Nu-Flame is here! It will allow you to have all the benefits you want without having to do so much.

This masterpiece is perfect for decorating your living room with. It’s cozy and well a little avant-garde. It features a tempered glass for safety and holds 1.5 liter capacity burner to keep you warm during freezing winter days. It offers a new definition to your old fire place as it needs not be placed on the floor level but can be anywhere a little higher on your wall. The flame it produces is actually safe and clean as it came from the bio-ethanol fuel so you have totally nothing to worry about. All in all, this piece sums the uniqueness, style and helpfulness your fireplace can ever be!

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