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The Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Photo Printer is yet another portable photo printer that everyone wishes to have. It makes photo printing easier and fun as you can shoot and print right away. I have an older model of these types and they sure are working great until now. But the truth is, I wouldn’t mind getting a new one especially that newer models have better features and are mostly universal to whichever device you use.

Just by placing your smartphone on the dock, it automatically connects to the printer. However, the dock is compatible mostly to Android mobile phones as it has the 5-Pin Micro USB port. But for iOS users, the Kodak Dock Photo Printer also works as it also provides a free lightning adapter at the side of the printer which means you can also connect your iPhones or iPads easily.smartphone-printer-dock

Kodak has been one of the oldest companies that do well when it comes to their expertise and that is producing quality photos that are made to last. It prints out 4” x 6” brilliant colored photos that are truly worth keeping. Portable photo printers saves you from the tedious process of copying photos to your computer and later on printing. It even has available ports where in you can connect your digital cameras as well as USB memory sticks to print your favorite photos in an instant.kodak-printer-dock

Aside from the great features mentioned above, I like the idea that it can also serve as your phone charger in case you need to charge it for later use. It can power up two mobile devices while waiting for the photos to finish. You can even have it at home or at work and be able to maximize its features.

Downloading the Kodak Photo Printer App also gives you other options to add such as filters, borders, stickers, templates and even a collage. This is probably the best thing to have together with the photo printer as it makes you feel like a pro when it comes to editing photos. It also makes a wonderful birthday gift idea for someone who loves to take photos all the time.

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