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DIY Mobile Phone Projector

homemade projector

Cool Fun Gift to Play with Your Smartphone

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Birthday Gift for Friends
If you think you can already do a lot of things with your mobile phone, there’s still more you can do with it with this Portable Cardboard Cinema Smartphone Projector. It is a fun birthday gift especially for your techie friends or for the entire family that everyone can enjoy. When you give this as a birthday surprise to your sibling, relative, colleague or friend, playtime and movie time with them take a whole new dimension. Simply insert an iPhone 6 or a mobile phone of similar size on its silicone grip pad to project the movies or photos from the phone.

The projector is easy to put together and it makes a great bonding DIY activity. Merely glue the cardboard materials and attach the 8x magnification lens and you’re ready to view what’s in your phone for all to see. You don’t need additional power to operate this projector. This can be used for some small group screenings or as a background display for house parties and events. Put your phone’s screen to 100% brightness and turn off the house lights for maximum effect.

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