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easter island pot outdoor

Easter Island Moai Planter NEW COLOR (Black Granite)

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If you are tired of your old pots for being fragile and is easily broken, guess you need to think twice and replace your pots with a new one. New pots with new designs to add an image to your yard for a new ambiance. Try the drop in pot technology—the Sm Eater Island Moai Planter. What makes this pot stand out from the rest? First, it is weatherproof. Other pots tend to break after they are being heated under the sun and suddenly cold water are poured unto the plants. There are also other pots that break easily because of the sudden changes or transitions of weather. Eliminate this dilemma and reward your plants with worth-buying Sm Eater Island Moai Planter. Another thing is this pot is lightweight. You don’t have to worry on carrying your plants from your yard and display it inside your house. The soil itself already weighs. So if you want to decorate your yard and transfer some plants after growing for some time, then do not exhaust yourself to those heavy pots. As you try to revive your yard using this pot, you don’t have to think of putting plants on high places. This pot is unbreakable. Your plants are secured. Lastly, this pot adds a unique tropical feel to your yard. It is 8 by 9 by 19.5 inches which means this is not too big nor too small for you to use a decoration inside your house. Definitely, this will solve all your worries about your pots and this can save your plants.

Easter island Moai Planter

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