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Easy and Portable Ice Maker


Make ice cubes easily with DELLA Ice Maker Easy-Touch in no time!

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During summer, people get so into iced cold drinks just to pave away the heat. At home, we would usually consume more water or juices and made sure they are as cold as they can be. However, it is also during this season that we would usually run out of ice. And although we may have a few ice trays at home, it would sometimes take hours before they are ready to use.

Fast and portable ice maker

The DELLA Portable Ice Maker is one great solution to end this problem. It makes fresh ice in 6 minutes so the wait time is definitely shorter than the others. Users can choose between two sizes of ice cube depending on where you want to use them. This particular ice maker is also very portable; you can use it at home or even while traveling in RV or on boat. If you happen to have a business too, this will definitely help reduce the wait time in producing fresh ice cubes as well.portable-ice-making-machineIce production is about up to 26lbs in 24 hours. And since there is no installation required, making ice can be done as soon as you plug it and turn it on. The DELLA Portable Ice Maker also has easy to use controls; all it takes would be turning it on and choosing the size of the ice that you wanted.

Easy to use

Even the kids can operate this ice maker. The see through window allows you check the ice while being made. This kitchen appliance also has indicators when the water level is low so that you can add more. When the ice is ready, you will also be alerted so that you can create another batch. Its removable tray makes it easier to transfer ice in to a bucket which lessens the time of transferring them by batches. This means that having a great party is just one step away with your continuous supply of ice.small-ice-maker-portableI think this particular product would be a great birthday gift idea for moms as they will definitely find a good amount of use for it. Aside from preparing usual drinks, this would be great for making smoothies, shakes and even homemade ice creams. For sure the kids would keep coming back for more.

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