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Easy Metal Tube Squeezer

toothpaste tube wringer

Squeeze out all your metal tube contents using MAGFY Squeezer

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Since there are so many products that come in tube, it would really be nice to have a tool that can help us squeeze out all the contents that we actually paid for. Most of the time, we disregard tubes even if there are still remaining contents simply because we just can’t seem to get them all using our bare hands. MAGFY Metal Tube Squeezer is a helpful tool that can end the problem of wasted products. Toothpaste, paints, hair color, creams and even glues are commonly available in tubes, and if you have noticed, there are some amounts left in the tube when we dispose them. This metal tube squeezer is easy to use to prevent you from squeezing your tubes using your hands and allows you to consume every amount that you spend on a particular product.

It is made of aluminum material and its size fits most tubes that are available or those that you usually use. Aside from using it as a squeezer, it may also serve as a crimper for any DIY art projects that you may have. It has a sturdy built and will last for a long time so you can make sure that you will be able to use it well.metal tube squeezer

The size of the MAGFY Metal Tube Squeezer can accommodate sizes of tube that are about 3.4 inches for its width. This is the common size for most toothpaste and other products that comes in a tube. Its design is also easy to clean and easy when it comes to storing them while using it would be very simple as well.toothpaste metal squeezer

Have this a present for someone you think is struggling most of the time with their tubes. Most of my families have them too and it is very convenient to use. It also makes a unique birthday gift idea for anyone as they wouldn’t have though they need it unless they already have it. I for one would just usually scroll past them until I realize how much I have wasted on particular products that I buy from tubes. And since it’s very affordable, it’s best to have one for each bathroom to ensure that you get your money’s worth for everything that you buy.

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