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Aeration is a chemical reaction that enhances the flavor of your wine.  It takes place through oxidation and evaporation.  When you open the wine, and exposed it to oxygen, it enhances your wine’s flavor, giving you the chance to enjoy its taste to the fullest.  Evaporation is another process of aeration where some of the liquid turns into vapor and escaping into the air, giving you an enticing aroma.

When you pour wine into a glass, you can also aerate wine by just leaving it there for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the type of wine.  In fact, by just opening the bottle, you are also instantly aerating a wine.  These processes both perform aeration but takes a little while to achieve the best one.

wine-dispensing-systemToday, we are lucky to have aerator gadgets such as wine funnel aerator.  But what’s best? We have electric ones that easily do aeration and let you experience the best flavor of your wine in an easy and convenient way.  Introducing the world’s first electric aerator manufactured by Vinaera that provides 6 times more air contact surface oxidation than those funnel type.  Among all the processes including decantation, this electric wine aerator is the fastest.

Built-in with electronic air pressure system, the Vinaera aerator is powered by 6 triple A batteries which should be purchased separately.  Just simply put the device on the bottle and touch it, the device would dispense a fully aerated wine.

wine-dispenserThe process is so simple and fast.  You can skip decantation that requires longer time, or eliminate the funnel aerator that could sometimes spill when not properly done.  With the perfectly designed dispenser, you’ll just place your wine glass under it, and there you go! you can enjoy the warmth and lovely taste of your wine.  Moreover, it also works as Spirit aerator and makes wine’s spirit less spicy and bitter.

The Vinaera Electric Wine Aerator and dispenser is a perfect gift to all those wine lovers out there! It would surely make their every wine moment tasty and satisfying.

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