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Enid and her Two Mums


The first of Jessica Skogstad’s titles through Aly’s Books

Jessica Skogstad’s children’s book, Enid and Her Two Mums, follows a young girl who notices that her family looks a little different to some other families around her. She goes on a journey and realises that families come in all shapes and sizes. After seeing the loving relationships that children have with their single parents and same-sex parents, Enid realises how lucky she is to have a family that loves her. The story promotes the message that families are so special and it doesn’t matter what your family looks like, as long as you are loved.

enid-2-mumsHaving a niece with two mothers, Jessica wrote Enid and Her Two Mums to remind her niece (and all other children) that we live in a wonderful and diverse world. She also reads to her son every night, and strives to read books with important moral lessons and messages about values. Having had her parents divorce at a young age during the ‘90s, Jessica understands what it is like to feel as though your family is “different”. Enid and Her Two Mums is her way of showing children that all families are different – but all families are wonderful! Jessica is also a Secondary English teacher and couldn’t help using her knowledge of poetry and rhyme to influence the writing style of Enid and Her Two Mums. With the easy-to-follow rhythm of Enid and Her Two Mums, the story is enjoyable to follow and reveals a hidden message (be sure to put all Enid’s friends’ names together to reveal the hidden message!).

The first of Jessica Skogstad’s children’s books, Enid and her Two Mums is a heart-warming story that highlights the diversity of families in our communities, but also the wonderful similarities and unconditional love that these different family configurations contain. Family is love.

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