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Awesome Character Mugs for Any Occasion

When it comes to thinking about birthday gifts, we are often caught in confusion on what we can give a person that he or she may not have yet or something that they would really like. Yes, we could think about gadgets and trips to make it even simpler as people nowadays really enjoy these kinds of presents but can you really afford them right now? It’s not always the amount actually; it’s the thought of wanting to make them feel special on their birthdays that really matters.

Most of the time, birthday celebrations means going to a particular place where you can meet with the celebrant, it could be just the two of you or attending a big party, either way your presence means a lot that despite your busy schedule, you were able to find time for them, although coming to a party not empty-handed is ideal of course. Do you often buy mugs for birthday gifts? Or do you usually get them as you birthday presents? There are so many kinds of mugs to get for every occasion, and since most of them are used in different ways, it is still one of the most common birthday gift ideas; however, these character mugs are just simply awesome for them not to be considered, so let’s take a look at them and discover how wonderful they are for almost every occasion

Iron Man Sculptured Mug

iron-man-sculptured-mugThe movie Iron Man has been one of the best selling movies with every installment that has been released. Stark Industries may not have thought of making this mug for additional company profit but thankfully, somebody did it. With so many action figures available in the market, the mug type could be the one that can be used for almost everything. It could give you enough energy to start your day with coffee or tea while it would definitely look good as part of your collection too. It can be used to hold some of your pens and some art stuff since Mr. Stark wouldn’t know anyway.

Captain America 3-D Sculptured Mug

captain-america-sculptured-mugInstead of throwing punches while holding his shield, why not have some hot or cold drink to keep you up and working the whole day? This Captain America mug is perfect for all those avid fans that loves to collect Captain America stuff and loves to take a sip on a special mug. Place this on top of your desk even at home or in the office and it will definitely look good even just for holding most of your personal things too. It can hold about 12 oz of drink so the size is just right.

Wonder Woman Sculptured Mug

wonder-woman-sculptured-mugGone are the days where in Wonder Woman is just a character that you can read from Marvel Comics. In fact, she has decided to launch her own movie just to make sure she can keep up with her friends. Being the only lady in this collection, this certainly makes a perfect gift idea for women who are very strong in real life. But don’t get me wrong, it also makes a perfect gift even for men who loves to collect Marvel characters especially this mug as it has vibrant colors and carefully painted face details that they might love to stare at. It’s made of BPA-free ceramic which makes it safe for drinking and even microwave safe.

Marvel’s Spider Man Sculptured Mug

spider-man-sculptured-mugIt’s just his face mask that we have here but you really don’t have to worry getting spider webs all over your face. Spider Man has been one of the most loved characters of all time and it is a perfect birthday gift for adults and kids alike. It comes in vibrant red color and can hold about 16 oz of drink which could be hot or cold. Made of ceramic material which can last you for a long time; just imagine wearing his suit and having a cup of coffee, super awesome! But remember, with great mug comes great drinks too.

Hulk’s Green Face Sculptured Mug

hulk-sculptured-mugWe all know that it is not good for Bruce Banner to be mad, unless you wanted to see him transform into Hulk. This mug says it all and might as well pour in some nice drink, maybe he’ll try to calm down. I wonder if green tea would be a perfect match for this mug, but I’m guessing every drink would be just fine. This particular mug is a great idea for birthdays especially if the person is a fan of Hulk, or in that case, most of them would just add it to their collection and not drink on the Mug that often.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Sculptured Mug

star-wars-sculptured-mugThese Star Wars soldiers from the Galactic Empire sure know how to pose for a mug. These custom designed mugs are just one of the best birthday gifts that you can get if you have been watching Star Wars movies all your life. Their face masks, which comes in mostly white and some color black, is all that you will see while holding this mug, but don’t under estimate them as they can still do their job to defend Darth Vader if they see any chance. Although this mug is microwave safe, I doubt that most people who will receive this will actually use it for drinking purposes, but if they do, I’m sure they’ll love every sip that they will make.

Giving mugs for birthday presents are not necessarily just because you can’t think of anything else to give. These character mugs will be greatly appreciated by those people who love to collect a particular character, if not all, or just simply love to drink on specially made mugs. What’s even better is that they are not at all pricey; you may even want to give 2 or more to the birthday celebrant and really make him or her happy and excited about it.

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