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Urban Health Tracker for Women

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Track your activities, sleep pattern and even menstrual cycle with Bellabeat Leaf

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For most women, being able to stay active all throughout the day is very important. Whether you are single or have kids, keeping track of your daily activities can lead to a healthier life style. The Bellabeat Leaf has been one of the most beautifully designed health tracker that women love to use as a bracelet, necklace or even as a clip on to their clothes. It helps them not only look good but also be able to monitor so many things that can contribute to one better and healthier person.

While there are several products that could track your steps while working out or even other activities that you do, Bellabeat’s Leaf is definitely one of the most versatile and complete that are especially made for women. By simply downloading the free app on your mobile phone, you can track how well you did during your workout whether it’s done at the gym, around the park or even while dancing. Know the calories that you were able to burn and be informed of how you can achieve your goals after viewing your results.bellabeat urban health tracker for women

Another great information that you will get from Leaf would be your sleep pattern. Be able to monitor how your body is doing during your sleep and get a notification when it’s time to start your day. The moment you get to the right track when it comes to a regular amount of sleep that you need, Leap can also provide you guides on meditations that you can follow to promote a healthy mind. These can all be found on the app that you have on your mobile device and even find others tips that are really helpful and designed for you based on your activities.

What I really love most about the Bellabeat Leaf would be its ability to track you monthly period as well as fertility. It also provides valuable information regarding your reproductive health which is really helpful for most women. This actually makes it a great birthday gift idea for women especially if they love to engage themselves in to different physical activities and be able to get the right helpful information as well.leaf bellabeat urban health tracker

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