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Finger Sponge Glove Cleaner

dishwashing gloves with sponge

This Finger Sponge Scrub is something you got to try atleast once!

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As a mom, I am usually the one who takes care of the house when it comes to keeping it clean. And as for most moms like me, investing on quality cleaning aids and tools will definitely make the job easier and faster. When its time to wipe of some dirt buildup, there are some surfaces that your vacuum cleaner may not be able to do, therefore you will need some manual cleaning too. The GlovEasy Cleaning Glove Sponge Finger Scrub is a great find for me as it makes the job easier and fun. Unlike the old times where in I have to wear my gloves, then prepare my cleaning solution and hold on to my sponge or scrub to clean the mess, this product is a life saver.

The right glove has the sponges and scrubs that you will use. The front has the sponges attached for each finger while the scrubs are at the back. It makes cleaning easier as you can apply more force when needed especially for deep cleaning. No slipping of sponges will ever happen and that means more time for cleaning less the gloves with scrubbers

The GlovEasy Cleaning Glove Sponge Finger Scrub provides you with the 3 most important cleaning tools in just one product. It’s best for personal use and for gift giving. I find it a great idea as a birthday gift for moms or whoever does the job of cleaning the house as they will definitely have an easier way of doing the work.

On the other hand, durability is something that has to be considered as well, and I find this product well made too. The gloves are made of latex which gives you longer time of total usage plus they don’t easily slip. It’s best used for cleaning dishes, furniture, walls and other surface that’s easy for your hands to reach. The size of the gloves is also quite big so it would fit most hands whether you’re a man or woman. And since the product is also affordable, it would be great to have a pair of gloves for each job that you plan to use it for. You may one for the dishes, one for outdoor use and maybe another for furniture cleaning.

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