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Fit-and-Flare Dress by Lark and Ro

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Walk with style and confidence wearing this black laced flare dress…

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Most of us understand how wearing something black can help us look thinner or sexier in almost any kinds of clothes. While this is true, black also represents being classy and formal most of the time. If you would notice, there are a lot of corporate attires in black while some formal events may also require the same. With that said, I think it’s a great idea for most women to invest on a black dress once in a while to make sure they have some in case they will be needing one.

The classic black dress

If you are about to go to an event or a party and haven’t really thought of what to wear yet, would you choose a floral or a blue dress over the black one? Some would say yes, because they like the color blue or some might say that they love floral prints too. However, for some women, choosing a black dress would be easier as they may look classier, slimmer and even have fewer problems when thinking about what bag and shoes should go with the dress.

I remember before meeting up with my friends after a few years of not seeing each other, we talked about meeting at a restaurant to have a few drinks and was surprised to see that all of us was wearing black except one. We laughed about it and agreed that most of us love to wear the color.

Black laced dress for any occasion

I found this black Lark & Ro Women’s Short-Sleeve Graphic Lace Fit-and-Flare dress few days ago and thought that it would be nice to have one for my niece. She will be attending a musical show at her school and she’s been asking for my help to go online as she doesn’t have much time to shop because of her rehearsals. This particular dress seems to be perfect even for girls because of its flare design. The length also looks great even if it falls on her knee level.

Its defined waistband gives a slimmer look on the waist. The zipper at the back is visible but still makes the dress looks classy and perfect for evening and formal events. This dress definitely makes a perfect birthday gift for girls especially if they are at the age where in they are starting to explore many things that they may be interested in.

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