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Say Bye to Dirty Toilet Seat

flipper toilet seat

FLIPPER – the Most Inexpensive Toilet Seat Lifter

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Touching the toilet seat is one of the unpleasant things to do. You don’t want to touch unhygienic things, do you? Many women complain over men who always forget to leave the toilet seat down. The struggle is real but that is why the Flipper is here to do your job. You will never have to touch the toilet seat again. Just step on and off the pedal and the toilet seat will automatically rise and lower. It has the same principle as we step on and off the pedal of a waste can lid.

The Flipper is made up of anti—bacterial plastic. And it only takes ten minutes to install. Flipper is a very suitable product for infants, senior citizens and the handicapped. This hands—free toilet seat lifter can save your relationship and be the answer to your relentless arguments.

Flipper is the most reliable toilet seat lifter in the market. It is available at a reasonable price. Order now and enjoy a hassle—free life without touching the toilet seat ever again.

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