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Floating Globe World Map

magnetic floating globe

Floating Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Lights

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It sure is great to have the knowledge about the world, the continents and its countries alike. Nowadays, people turn to their mobile phones to check on information in an instant. But looking back, globes used to be an essential part of every household especially when there are kids around the house. Making them familiar of the names of the countries help the kids, and even adults, get a good set of knowledge and idea about the world they’re part of.

The Floating Magnetic Globe made by TYoung brings back the old school feel of having a globe available in the house plus some great use of technology to make it more interesting. The globe is 3 inches in size but has clear details of the names that everyone can still read if they are looking for specific information. What makes this product really unique is that it levitates at the center of what looks like a C shaped night lamp that has LED lights inside the base.

Placing the globe at the center for the first time is quite easy as well. Just position the globe ¼ below its frame and feel the strong force holding the globe then gently release it. You can also remove the globe if you wanted to use just the frame and have as a night lamp. It is rechargeable and consumes very little amount of electricity using the cable charger that is also included.

The design of the globe is also classy with the colors of black and silver. This makes it a great table piece for anyone and can also be cool birthday gift idea. You can either have it home or even in the office where it can be useful or make others envious of this unique table decoration. I think it would be great to have it as a gift for men because of its color which makes it really match their preferences. It’s a good thing too that it didn’t come up with a colorful globe.

The globe also rotates by itself slowly. It’s like inviting you to appreciate how it looks. Use this lamp especially at night or in the dark and be mesmerized how the LED lights light up the globe.

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