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Freshcloz Garment Deodorizer


Freshen up what you wear With Freshcloz Garment Deodorizer

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No matter how clean we think we are, there really are times when or clothes get stinky especially when not properly dried.  This is caused by mildew, a family of mold that grows to your clothes or garments when it not dried properly and cause odor.  Not all households possess drier, hence garments are naturally dried by the heat of the sun? What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? We cannot stop the rain from pouring at times, or shout out to sun and tell it to come out because you need to dry your clothes.

This is when garment deodorizer comes in! and if you’re looking for the best one, take a look at this Garment Deodorizer from Freshcloz that specialize in eliminating bacteria that causes odor.  This could be one of your top picks, so check on what features it could offer.

This is considered to be a dry cleaner at home.  Of course, you can save on dry cleaning bills because you do it on your own.  It also assures you that the cleaning is done appropriately and in-depth because you do it yourself.  Plus, as owner of sensitive garments, you yourself can put extra care on cleaning it.

You don’t have to scratch your clothes or use strong detergents in washing them.  It may cause damage to your fabrics.  With the help of Freshcloz’s ozone technology that eliminates 97% of odor causing bacteria, you can extend the life of your stuff.  It works best not just in your clothes but also to your shoes and other garments.

It is easy and convenient to use.  One can just put multiple clothes in the garment bag, then hit the power button.  It then gives you fresh and lovely fragrance in just 40 minutes.  You can also use such deodorizer when you are travelling.  Weighing 1.4 pounds, this lightweight device could just be inserted in your suitcase.  This is battery operated and a must have to people who loves to travel.  It’s good to be on a trip with fresh and good smelling outfit.

This could be a perfect gift for athletes, chef, smokers, nurses and caregivers, and whose clothes are often soaked in sweat.  Detergents may not be enough in eliminating odor causing bacteria to their clothes.  It could also delight a mother or a housewife who wants to maintain fresh fragrant clothing of their children.

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