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Gamer case for your iPhone! Seriously helps kill time… the retro way!

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Want to protect your iPhone 5 and have fun? PureGear Gamer Case will give you both. It is a case specifically and uniquely designed for iPhone 5, which means this case is not applicable for iPhone 5C. It comes in two colors, orange and pink which add the ambiance of your phone and makes the games look more fun. If you are tired of playing with the apps installed in your phone, then you can temporarily have fun as you play the game featured at the back of this case. This case does not only give you fun but also protects and secures your phone. It features easy-access openings for keyboard, phone features and ports. It weighs 1.6 ounces. You don’t have to worry much if you drop your phone because this case is built in a special way to guard your phone against extreme damages. Many customers have been amazed at this product because of its features and what is advertised can be expected in real situation. A lot of people said this is highly recommended.

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