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Art and Cook Small Soak and Strain Washing Bowl, White/Green

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Washing fruits and vegetable may always not fun easy. Soaking them wet and carefully picking each for transfer to another tray can require time and well effort. How much more if you’re washing them with hot water? Oh no not the burn please. Art and Cook Small Soak and Strain Washing Bowl, 2.1 quart, White/Green by Art and Cook is a combination of your bowl and your mesh strainer only that it’s a durable plastic. So whenever you find yourself having hard time washing your produce, then why not have one and do the task quick and fast.

It can be used to clean almost anything that can fill the bowl- form fruits to vegetables and even draining your pasta is made easy with this. It has a hand- friendly grip handle and allows you to wash and strain by just using one hand. The bowl itself is angled thus allowing you to easily drain off the excess water and can even withstand water temperature up to 220-degree for draining hot- soaked produce. Worried about how to clean it? Well, you just can wash it just like any utensils you have as it is dishwasher safe.

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