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Funny pet dog teeth

funny pet dog teeth

Your Bestfriend’s bestfriend – A toy! Now turn your pet into a cute devil!

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If you are having a dilemma on what gift you should give to your dog, then try this super cute and funny pet dog teeth silicon. Just like a baby having his or her teeth, he or she likes to bite or chew on something. Same goes with dogs. It is undeniable that dogs love to chew. Unfortunately, you cannot keep an eye as to what your dogs will put into his mouth. Reward your pampered one with this silicone-made dog teeth so he cannot just chew anything. An advantage for this is that your dog’s for sure do not intake things that has a lot of viruses which could only lead to the destruction of his health. You can be sure that this certain product is 100% brand new and high quality. It is approximately 9.2 centimeters long, 6.5 centimeters wide and 7.1 centimeters in height. You may choose from colors red or pink. Dogs are believed to be one of the intelligent animals but they could not just be intelligent if they do not undergo training. You can simply be a trainer for your dog using this dog teeth as this will help your pet to be exercised, develop its intelligence and be more happy and active.

funny pet dog teeth funny pet dog teeth funny pet dog teeth funny pet dog teeth

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