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Get into Shape with Moov


The multi-sport wearable coach that talks to you as you work out.

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Do you often have trouble losing weight? Do you find it difficult to stick to your regular exercise and workout routines? Do you often lack motivation to do those strenuous exercises? If yes, consider yourself very fortunate because today, there’s Moov, a state of the art wearable fitness solution.

Nowadays, more and more individuals are very conscious about their figure, weight, and over-all health and wellness. They follow strict diets and exercises that aim to keep them fit and healthy. However, there are times when you just feel too tired or lazy to do any of them. For instance, you’d rather sleep late on a weekend than wake up early to run a few miles before seven in the morning or the fact that you can’t resist cheating on your diet every now and then. This is where Moov can greatly help you. It serves multiple functions from tracking your activities and calories to providing you with effective coaching. Read on to find out more about this fitness breakthrough.

Moov is equipped with 3D motion capture
Moov uses advance technology to precisely sense every movement your body makes thanks to its 3D motion capture. In fact, its manufacturer used a technology similar to those found in strategic missiles. The hardware itself is made up of three sensors and is paired with their unique software. This way, Moov is able to reconstruct your bodily movements in 3D and at the same time helps you improve your movements and prevent you from having injuries.

Moov is Interactive
How would you like to have your personal trainer with you whenever you perform your exercises? That’s exactly what Moov does. It has an Artificial Intelligence software which runs with your mobile phone or tablet, allowing it to input your movements and in return gives you visual or audio feedback that can help improve your exercises. It is equipped with a motion analysis database too.

Moov is home to effective sport programs
Moov is more than just a modular device; it also has a Moov app where you can closely monitor your workouts and even your trainings. Presently, it has five sports and 12 programs with more than 200 variations you can try. You will always have new options because Moov regularly updates its sport programs to ensure you’ll always have a fun and rewarding workout.

There are other fitness devices out there but Moov definitely stands out. It aims to bring wellness and advancement to every individual out there. You can wear it around your wrist so it never bothers you at all as you perform your exercises. Further, it’s very easy to use that even newbies will have no problem using it the first time. Moov can be yours at $79.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee and shipment is free.

So what are you waiting for? Get that body moving with Moov, the ultimate fitness solution device!

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