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Add A Bit Of Green In His Home Or Office With This Bonsai

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There’s something special about bonsais that make them unique. Unlike with other trees out there, they are showered with love, attention, and care. They’re grown in pots which serve as their home for years. Not everybody possesses the skill to grow a bonsai which is why most of them are imported from other countries like China. What makes them popular is the fact that they don’t grow very tall so you can have them as an outdoor or indoor décor.

This Brussel’s Fukien Tea Bonsai is imported from southern China. It comes with a custom curved trunk with small white blossoms and eventually bear shiny red berries. At 10 years old, this tree is only 16 inches tall. It will make a refreshing addition to your home or office. This tropical beauty will look very attractive especially indoors. All you have to do is put it on a corner table or shelf. It’s not high on maintenance too. Give this Fukien Tea bonsai as a gift for your man so he’ll always be reminded of your love.

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