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3D Printed Galaxy Skater Dress, a unique birthday present for her.

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This beautiful 3D printed skater dress is a must have for girls for any occasion. Designed and made by Amoluv, the dress is made of 18% Lycra and 82% Polyester. It has a comfortable fit and soft feel which makes the wearer really feel good about how they look. This skater dress is free size and fits women with sizes ranging from extra small to medium which makes it available for most girls and some women as well. Simply check on the measurement before placing an order to ensure the perfect fit.

With different designs available, one of the most popular would be the galaxy 3D printed style. Wear it in the morning or evening and surely you’ll be getting a lot of compliments from friends and families. Looking for a perfect birthday gift for her has never been this easy as it will truly make your daughter, friend or even girlfriend fall in love with the dress the moment she opens the box!

This Amoluv’s pleated knee length dress is great for those who needed something unique to wear when going to a dance, party with friends or even just hanging out. It looks good on sneakers, flat shoes and even heeled ones. There are floral, comic, printed and some fruit prints to choose from.

The length of the dress varies depending on how tall the person is. For most girls, aged 10 to 15, it could be anywhere between the knee and few inches above it. For taller women, it would be somewhere in the mid-thigh length. What makes this dress really ideal for girls would not only be the printed design but also the stretchy material of the dress from top to bottom. It hugs the curves of the body which gives out a nice looking fit for anyone who wears it.

On the other hand, proper washing must always be done to make sure that dress maintains its quality. Hand wash with cool water and then hang, this will keep the colors vibrant as well.

So if you think you’ve been searching long enough for some birthday gift for her, this dress might be the perfect present to make her extra happy on her special day!

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