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Glass Water Bottles for Every Use

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Switch to reusable glass bottles for all of your drinking needs…

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Whenever we leave the house, especially during long travels, it is always best to bring some thirst quenchers just in case you can’t find a convenience store nearby. This is most applicable for parents traveling with kids as you wouldn’t know when they would ask for it and its best to be always prepared. With so many plastic bottles that are also reusable, most of them might leave some odor depending on what you put in it. And as far as quality is concerned, some may question their safety as well. Glass water bottles are not very common but have been starting to be back on track. They are eco-friendly since you can avoid throwing those plastics every after use. Glass bottles are odor and chemical free which makes them safer to use and reuse especially for the water bottle walmart

The Brieftons Glass Water Bottles are made from high quality soda lime glass that is thick enough to last for a long time. It is BPA and lead free and is great for storing any kinds of liquids that you consume. The cap is made of stainless steel and is leak proof and air tight to ensure that it doesn’t leave any mess when you are carrying them inside your bags. It’s clear glass makes it easier to see if there are any residues left inside when you clean them. It is also dishwasher safe and comes with a bottle glass cleaner.brieftons glass water bottle

The package comes with six pieces of glass water bottles. You will also receive a recipe book that has juicing ingredients guide if you are aiming for a healthier lifestyle. This could be a great birthday gift idea for moms or your friends who have kids and travels a lot. The recipe book is also a plus and it comes for free.

If you prefer to have a cold or hot drink, the Brieftons Glass Water Bottles can definitely handle them. It also has a great resistance to impact to can make sure that this is made of top quality materials. Storing the glass bottles is also friendly as they have a slim design. Placing them in the fridge with different contents seems to look adorable and well sorted water bottle

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