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Glowing LED Charging Cable


Enjoy a Cool Light Flow As You Charge Your Phone

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Techies and gadget aficionados will surely love to receive as a birthday present this charging cable with a moving LED colored light effect. The light makes it appear that power is surging fluidly from the electric source to your phone when you plug it to charge. The beauty of this cable is that the LED light keeps flowing even when your phone is fully charged. You can choose among these color options: green, red, blue, or white. These lights not only take away boredom from charging but they also constantly remind you that your phone is still connected to a power source.

The charger has a micro USB connector that matches most HTC, Samsung, and other Android cellular phones. Although the narrow connector can be mounted in most types of phone cases, it somehow does not fit the connector of the Galaxy S5, unless you use a standard micro USB connector when you charge. If you connect this to a PC, there is no need for a driver to be installed because it is simply plug- and-play. This cool birthday gift idea is suitable for friends and colleagues.





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