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Goatee Shaving Template for Men


Form and shape goatees in no time with GoateeSaver!

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Save yourself from having uneven goatees with this goatee shaving template. It works very simple and is adjustable to have your own desired measurements as you wanted them. You simply have to bite the mouth piece to hold the template over your chin. As you make the necessary adjustments then you can shave around it.

For most men who grow a lot of hair in their face will find it very useful all the time. Most of them would have a hard time making their goatees even on both sides. Instead of going to a barber ship to have them trimmed, why not have your own GoateeSaver at home and save time and money as well.


Shaping and forming goatee takes a lot of time and mastering to do them perfectly. And while there are some who can do it for you, having this goatee shaving template gives you the sense of achievement that you did it all by yourself.

The 3 rollers on the template are used to make the adjustments. You could have all three in the same adjustment or different, it all depends on how you wanted it to look like. The template is definitely flexible so that it would be easy for you to have narrow or wider measurement. The mouth piece is used to hold the template in its proper position. After which, it would now be easier for you to shave around it.

What needs to be remembered though would be that the 3 dial does not have any markers to tell you the exact measurement that you used the last time. Although they are supposed to stay in place as long as you do not make any other adjustments, cleaning the template may turn the rollers slightly unknowingly.

Overall, the GoateeSaver is still a great product that you can use to help you maintain those good looking goatees. Have this as a birthday gift for him and surely he’ll be very excited to use it right away. Men are meticulous too in their own way you know; just don’t forget to tell him how great he looks after he’s done shaving.


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