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Advice column – 17th birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

17 year old amazing boyfriend gift ideas

by Miss

I want to do something amazing for my boyfriend because he is the sweetest most sentimental guy and he turns 17 in october. i’m only 16, but i wanted to do something truely wonderful and big but not TOO expensive just to make him feel like he’s the most special person in the world. I was thinking like a boat ride or something by Navy Pier, or a helicopter ride, something that’d we haven’t done and something memorable and awesome! I need some ideas. he’s into breakdancing, hip hop dancing, paintball, and is just really sweet. i want to be the best girlfriend ever to him! I NEED HELP 🙂

Mia: Hi, Your ideas are just fantastic. If you want you can also give him 17 small gifts, one gift every day prior to his birthday. It can be small stuff such as a candy with love note, special key ring etc.Shadez-Teen-Sunglasses

Boyfriends 17th birthday gift ideas

My boyfriend and I just started going out three weeks ago, but it’s already his birthday. He’s turning 17 and I don’t know what to get him. He’s a huge New York Mets fan and is obsessed with baseball, but he just loves sports in general. He also likes to play video games and watching movies.

Mia: Get him something related to his favorite sports team, it can be a memorabilia or unique item related to his favorite sports. Another idea is to make him fun gift basket for his birthday, it can be sports theme or movie theme, you choose.

If you go for the sports theme basket then choose a big container or basket and use the colors of his favorite team, add several cans or bottles of his favorite beverages and lots of snacks, baseball trading cards, a team cap, team pennant, key chain, coffee mug with the team logo of his favorite team, energy bars etc.17th-birthday-gift-boyfriend-sports

Golf gift for boyfriend’s 17 birthday??

by courtney (Canada)

My boyfriend is turning 17 and we have been together for 10 months, and i have no idea what to get him for his birthday!! He is a hockey player, but he has all the stuff for hockey. He likes Tronto Maple Leafs team, but i know nothing about hockey, to get him any of that stuff. He also has two ferrets but his mom would be soo mad at me if i got him another one. Umm… he plays baseball in the summer and loves golfing but again i know nothing about any of these sports.

He is very romantic and he always gets me amazing things that i love, but i can not think of anything to get for him. I would like it to be special. Something he will love. I was thinking i will throw in some of this rope stuff, from a inside joke from before we started dating. When we hung out and we used that as a evil way of playing around and wrapped it around both of our hands and tried to trip each other, and wrap each other up. but that isnt really anything that would be good as just an alone gift, i want to get him something with that. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Hi Courtney, Even though you don’t understand anything about golf, giving your boyfriend a golf gift or any other sports related gift might be a surprising idea that will show him you took the time to know him and you care enough to learn new stuff. Lets take golf for example, there are soo many great gifts you can give him, you can buy him an interactive golf tips DVD that can help him improve his game. A golf day is also a great gift, you can call his favorite golf course, reserve a tee time and send him golfing.

Personalized Golf Gifts such as golf tees and golf balls are great choice, or what about a “golf trivia” game that your boyfriend can show how much knowledge he has in the sport he loves or a “Golf Monopoly” the golf version of everyone’s favorite board game.

Other fun ideas are to turn your friend into a golf star with personalized golfer magazine cover where you can put him on the front page of the newspaper and add the headlines or get him a personalized golf caricature.17th-birthday-gift-golf-gift

17 birthday gifts for boyfriend

I have decided on gifting 17 different small things to my 17 year old boyfriend on his birthday. what all things can i include in these 17 different and small gifts for him?

T-shirt (you can make him a customized one)
Birthday card
Giant cookie
Key ring
Photo frame with a photo of the two of you
Stuff for his cardavids-cookies-birthday-gift-giant-cookies

What should I get my seventeen year old boyfriend’s birthday?

My boyfriend and I have been dating six months and I have not the slightest idea what to get him!what-should-i-get-my-seventeen-year-old-boyfriends-birthday

Mia: You can get him a personalized gift he will hold on forever such as a customized iPhone skin, or personalized laptop skin. If he needs a new bag you can get him a customized laptop bag or cool messenger bag to carry his things in style.iphone-personalized-skin-17th-birthday-gift

What gift should I get my 17 y/o boyfriend

Okay so my boyfriend is 17, he loves his ps3, enjoys skiing, he can speak Italian, and he lovesss to cook.

Mia:Get him a cooking related gift. It can be a special kitchen gadget, funny tuxedo apron or tasteful Cooking Classes and culinary instruction, a gift he would enjoy.

Other great gifts are Custom Printed Recipe Cards – so he could write all his favorite recipes in one neat place, kitchen utensils to make his cooking fun, herbs to enhance his dishes, etc.giada-cooking-book-birthday-gift

Need fun, creative ideas for my boyfriends birthday.

by Sydney (USA)

need-fun-creative-ideas-for-my-boyfriends-birthdayGarrett and I in his superman shirt 🙂

I am fifteen years old, and my boyfriend is turning seventeen. He loves to joke around, he is the captain of the soccer team, and he loves to play. He shows chickens in pigs in the fair, and he lives on a farm. He likes to live life on the edge. I want something that is not the normal gift. Nothing like a ‘t shirt’ because he is very picky when it comes to style. He also has loads of cologne. He is very sporty, I just can’t think on the right idea. Please help?

Mia:Get him something amusing to celebrate his birthday in a fun cool way such as a Flying Slingshot Chicken Toy a gift that will make him laugh being a farm boy. Add the hilarious Hoop Jams Garbage Can Basketball Hoop with sound that enthusiastically shouts every time you make a shot.

These are out of the ordinary birthday gifts he will never expect. He would be thrilled about them.

What should I get my boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

by Kaitie (U.S.)

I can’t think of anything at all to get my boyfriend. We have been dating for a year. For last Christmas, I got him a plaque of a football player he liked. And for our anniversary, I got him a sweatshirt of his favorite football team, an autograph of an old player I met this summer, and a list of reasons why I love him. For his brithday, I am stuck. He likes football (the Packers & the Jayhawks), playing baseball, and comedy shows like Southpark & Tosh.0. Please let me know any ideas! I’m stressed because I want him to love it. He doesn’t wear jewelery. Or cologne. Thanks!
Mia:A customized life size wall Fathead of his favorite player or himself might be just the perfect gift for his birthday. Just imagine this, you turn his photo into a huge wall graphics, a gift he can hang in his room or anywhere at home. Every time he’ll pass by your gift, he will stop, take a moment to admire it, and have a big smile of satisfaction on his face.

What shall i get my boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

by Tasha (Newport, Wales)

Im stuck for a birthday present for my boyfriend…. he’s going to be 17 years old and he’s in the army. in about 3 weeks he goes back to the army so i wont see him for about 3 months. so i want to get him something special. <3 Help Me Please!!!!!! <3

Mia:Here’s a perfect gift for your soldier, “I Love My Soldier” gift basket to remind him of how much you love him and miss him.You can assemble a bunch of items with special and romantic meaning and include reasonings for each item. For instance, you could put chocolate Kisses “to send him your kisses”, chocolate bars “to remind him of your sweet love”, nuts so he’ll know that “you are nuts about him”, a pen and paper so that he could write to you, a key because “he holds the key to your heart “, a photo of you “to remind him of you and your love”, chapstick “to keep his lips soft for when you meet again”. Of course, you can include many more romantic items, but this gives you an idea of what goes into the basket.Sumnacon-Clear-Crystal-Ball

Stumped for music lover gift ideas

by Lily (new yaaawk)

I don’t know what do get my boyfriend. im fifteen and hes turing 17 soon. Hes into music, sings and plays the piano, extremely smart and i have no clue what to get him. ideas?

Mia:Let him focus on his music with this Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headphones that eliminates surrounding noise and giving him the opportunity to focus on what he wants to hear only.bose-headphones-birthday-gift

Boyfriends 17th birthday present ideas

by eloise sholl (melbourne)

I dont know what to get my boyfriend for his 17th. He likes three days grace and hanging out with me. Whenever i ask him what he wants he just says and i quote, “You.” What am i supposed to do with that. Im his girlfriend so i dont want to give him money and since he is a guy i dont want to get him jewellery. What do i do? His birthday is next friday and i have no clue what to get him????????????


Mia:He want’s you, so give him what he wants, get him this amazing Digital Photo Key Chain and upload it with pictures of you and him. This way he will have you close to him at all times and a cool new gadget.

Another idea is to custom design him a new line of items, you could design him a new t-shirt with a picture of the two of you, or witty sentence, a cute mug, hat, stickers etc…This is fun and easy to do and it’s a unique one-of-a-kind gift to get.17th-birthday-gift-personalized-mugs

Gift ideas – He’s turning 17

by amber (canada)

Okay so the 3 is our 5 months and the 6 is his 17th birthday. what do i get him? He’s pretty much spoilled and well off, I’m not so much.

Mia:Get him something fun, festive and creative such as the Personalized MY M&M’S® MY M&M’S® Candies which you can customize with words, his face and 25 colors. Just the ideal birthday gift for the guy with everything.17th-birthday-custom-m&m-candies

17th Birthday military fan boyfriend

My boyfriend likes the military, air force type stuff. He is also in training for the air force. His birthday is coming up and i need help on what i could get him!

Mia:Personalized St. Michael Military Medallion Pendant – Air Force might be just the perfect gift for him. You give him a blessings of love and safety, it is carved, with military air force logo surrounded by St. Michael Protect Me. On the back you can engrave any special message you choose, creating a memorable keepsake he’ll proudly wear through the years.Polaroid-Cube-Action-Camera-17th-Birthday-Gift

What should I get my gamer boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

My boyfriend David is turning 17 in two weeks. He is really into computers and games but has about every game under the sun. He wears a lot of clothes from Aeropostale and American Eagle. He is super sweet and really funny. He drives a red Ford focus. What should I get him for his birthday?

Mia:Something related to games would be a brilliant gift idea for your boyfriend. It doesn’t have to be an actual game since he already have those, get him something different that will make his life sweeter such as a Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, it has an adjustable-tilt, backlit LCD display to show the crucial information during game play, and also lets the gamer set timers for events. It’s an awesome birthday gift for your boyfriend which he would appreciate very much.Logitech-G15-Gaming-Keyboard-17th-Birthday-Gift

Sports lover boyfriends 17th birthday

by Judee

Its my boyfriends 17th birthday this friday and i have no idea on what to get him 🙁
he loves rugby and football ! help pleasee

Mia:Make him a customized Iphone protective case of his favorite team or you can turn his picture playing rugby or football and turn it into customized skin for his phone or laptop. It’s a useful and cherished gift he’ll enjoy allot.

17th Birthday gift ideas for my boyfriend

My boyfriend of about 4 months is turning 17 on saturday, it was really dramatic leading up to us getting together and I really want to give him something so he can see how much I care for him.I know everything about him, like his interests and stuff, however there doesn’t seem to be an obvious present…

I’m getting him a tshirt,(Its related to one of our inside jokes) however I kind of want to get him something else as well. We dont have any pictures together (he doesn’t like photos)so creative presents are kind out, especially since we haven’t been officially going out for long.

I kind of want to stay clear of cologne and stuff, in case he doesn’t like it. Also I dont want to buy him a CD or anything in case he’s already got it. He’s super clever so he’d figure it out if I start asking questions about CDs and movies and stuff, and I want it to be a suprise..

I’m just really stuck.

Mia:Since you dont have many pictures it’s the perfect time to get him a cool camera to make him want to take pictures.

Room decor is another great option. You mentioned you know all about his interests and liking so get him something related to that. For example you can get him an art canvas of his favorite sports team, or his favorite sports activity. There are amazing canvases you can choose from to match his style and personality. It’s a gift he can hang over his bed and see it

Gift for a boyfriend turning 17 on christmas

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a yr, but I don’t know what to get him for his birthday since it is also on christmas, i know for sure that i’m gettin him a nice lrg jacket but what else?

Mia:When you want to express your love for your prince charming and you’re looking for a small yet meaningful birthday gift you can get him a cute Soul Mates Romantic Personalized Coffee Mug with a picture of the two of you and fill it with chocolate kisses or his favorite candy.

Boyfriend’s 17th Birthday present

My boyfriend of two years has his 17th birthday coming up. He is very into football and physical therapy. He is super religious and into music. He plays base guitar. I have no clue what to ge him. He has like preppy taste in clothes, he’s a little metro.Any Ideas?

Mia:The ULTIMATE birthday gift for your guitar lover boyfriend is this awesome Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt with real build-in guitar.

You know how guitar lovers use to play “in pretend” on their shirt every time they hear a song they LOVE? I’m sure your boyfriend does the same, he holds his fingers like he is playing on actual cords.

So this astonishing shirt is just the perfect gift for him. It looks like a regular shirt but it has a fully playable guitar built into. It’s a real musical instrument that allows him to play his favorite tunes everywhere he goes and sound great doing it.guitar-tshirt-17th-birthday-gift

Car lover boyfriend birthday present?

my boyfriend of eight months is turning 17 soon and im not sure what to get him. he wont give me hints on what he wants and he tells me he will love anything i get him. he loves soccer, his car, working out and skateboarding. i want to get him something special that he can keep for a long time.what should i get?

Mia:Since he loves his car, something cool for it would be just the perfect gift.

You can get him awesome accessory he would use such as the handy Gadget Charger for the Car it looks like a coffee cup but actually, it’s a clever design for a power inverter. Perfect for road trips.

Gift idea for my 17th years old boyfriend

by Maria (Louisiana)

gift-idea-for-my-17th-years-old-boyfriendMe and my borfriend at my graduation.

I am turning 18 tomorrow and my boyfriend is getting me a birthday present. I’m not sure what it is, but if his Valentine’s Day gifts were any indication, it’s sure to be great. His 17th birthday is in late July and I’m not sure what to get him. His family isn’t big on birthdays, so I’m already planning a surprise dinner with a cake and everything. But I’m not sure what to get him as a tangible present. And he won’t give me any hints. I can tell you this about him: He plays World of Warcraft. He like modern rock and some pop music. We’ve been dating for eight months. He loves to read. Especially the Jim Butcher series. But he also likes the Inkheart series, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Harry Potter series. That’s about it. His parents are divorced and both remarried and his family life isn’t great.

Mia:Surprise him with unique gifts from one of his favorite fantasy book or game. Choose a theme and get some gifts he will enjoy. For example, if you choose harry potter as your theme you can get him the Harry Potter Marauder’s Map, add an illuminated wand pen…etc.Wrebbit-3D-Puzzle-3D-Harry-Potter

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