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Colorful Grocery Bag Holder


Carry your grocery bags comfortably
With Arlai Mighty handle

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Do your mom looks awful carrying heavy grocery bags on her left and right hands? Or your wife clutching your baby like a kangaroo while her other hand holds different bags from the supermarket? This is just a common scenery when you go to grocery stores or supermarkets where people could hardly carry their shopping bags because they are just too many.

Take a look at this Grocery bag holder manufactured by Arlai Mighty that helps everyone carry multiple bags at once without making endless back and forth the car and grocery store’s counter, and definitely eliminates stress at carrying heavy stuff while moving up and down on stairs. Each handle could carry up to 50 pound groceries packed in different bags.  With such creatively designed handle, your other hand could be free, or carry more stuff.
plastic-bag-holder-2The item is made of ABS plastic material which is durable and long lasting.  It is lightweight and approximately measures 6.45 x 4.7 inches.  Designed to give you much comfort at carrying your grocery bags, this one trip grocery bag carrier has soft grip.  It won’t give your palms slight cuts caused by cellophanes or strings.

This one trip bag handle is not just for shopping purposes.  One could also use this in providing service such as delivering stuff with multiple packs/bags.  Mothers with babies going for a trip could also enjoy using this on trip bag carrier.  She can just pack all her baby stuff in different bags, and off she can enjoy the trip with all the necessary stuff for babies and kids she needs to bring such as milk, diapers, cookies, breads, water, nappies, meds, etc.

Arlai Mighty One Trip Grocery Bag Handle comes in 4 individual handles in a pack with different lovely colors.  Definitely an ideal gift for everyone but most especially for women.

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