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Handmade bracelets – Belgium


Featuring BraceletsBregje handmade bracelets from Belgium

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We love to feature guest posts, especially if its craft based wherein lot of creativity and hard work goes into each item that is produced. Featured below is an etsy shop featuring 100% handmade bracelets! For the next birthday present to you loved one – do include this loving bracelet along with other gifts. Bracelets always has a deep sentimental connection between the giver and the receiver. You could also buy one for yourself and set a new style, side by helping and supporting a small business shop owner.

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By Bregje Tijman |
Bracelets Brésiliens Bregje makes beautiful friendship bracelets, completely knotted by hand.  The used material is 100% cotton, either DMC Cotton perl yarn or DMC Petra yarn. The bracelet will keep its color for a long time and the material is very durable. It would be of no problem at all to wear it during showering or washing dishes.


Birthday gift for friends – Bracelets

Most of the bracelets are made the original way with braids on each side. You can easily knot them around your wrist. But there is also a more modern series with metal closures. This is very practical for people who can’t for example wear bracelets to work.

The total length of the bracelets is usually between 22 and 26 cm, including the braids or the metal closures.The knotting of friendship bracelets is a type of macrame. Each bracelet is made of at least 1000 single knots. The wider ones can have up to 5000 single knots! Originally they are made as bracelets, but they are also very nice to use as a bookmark, a keychain or on a zipper (handbag, jacket etc.). And most of all, it is the nicest present for a dear friend!

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Birthday gift for friends – Bracelets

Birthday gift for sister – Bracelets

Birthday gift for brother – Bracelets

Birthday gift for friends - Bracelets

Birthday gift for girlfriend – Bracelets

Birthday gift for friends - Bracelets

Birthday gift for friends – Bracelets

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