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Hippie Handmade Hipster Bag


Bring back the style with this hippie messenger bag for your summer outfits

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I’m a bag person; I can’t leave the house or even the car without my bag with me. I feel like something is missing or I’m not comfortable as all when I don’t have my things with me all the time. However, I usually bring light stuff, so I seldom pack my bags full as I hate it when I can’t find what I’m looking for either.

This hippie cross body bag reminds me of my younger years. My friends and I would usually choose to use these types of bag as they are easier to strap on to the body and has a lot of room for our stuff. When I saw this online, I noticed the nice prints that really looks like Thai-inspired. I used to have one with elephant prints and some ethnic patterns too that I love to match with my shirt and jeans.

The Hippie Sling Bag is made of cotton so it is completely washable. You can have it machine washed on delicate mode. This is one great feature to have as you can make sure that your bags are always clean. The inner cloth is made of soft jeans material that also makes it a durable type, it also has pockets inside and out, two of which has zippers while the other is not. It’s perfect for most mobile phones or some tiny stuff that you always bring with you.

The strap is long enough to have it leveled on your hips; it’s also made of fat jeans that make it withstand a pull of about 30 kg and is seamlessly connected to the bag itself. It measure 30 x 4 x 20 cm which could fit an iPad, a large notebook and even a folding umbrella.

The materials used will not fade even after several wash. You can also fold the bag if you need to store them in cabinets. It also makes a wonderful birthday gift for women who may want to sport this type of bag every once in a while. Since the bag can be folded in to a smaller size wrapping it that way will not give away the content of the gift.

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