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Home Theater System ORB Audio


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Why always going out for movie in multiplexes when you can easily afford this remarkable home theater at such easy price!

The Home Theater system featuring a double Orb Mod2X speakers for all front channels and single Orb Mod1X for all surround channels giving an amazing experience of real theater. Intended for medium and large sized rooms. The sub ONE features a high quality 200 watt hybrid amplifier that is conventionally rated to peak at over 400 watts, a super high excursion 8″ (200mm) woofer and a very high-power magnet.  The sub One achieves the output usually reserved for much larger designs.Features a 300W hybrid amplifier, a proprietary high-excursion 10″ (250mm) driver and it packs all of the punch of much bigger sub woofers. It is of 16 x 12 x 16 inches.

So, grab lots of popcorns, relax on your couch and enjoy your show! A totally out of the league product.


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