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Birthday Gift for Couples


Know a couple who invited you for birthday dinner?

Choosing gifts can be a lot of fun, but it can also sometimes be confusing. This is especially true if you don’t know the recipient very well or want the gift to be something extra-special.

Buying for couples can be even more of a challenge – you have to please two people with the same gift! Read on for our best tips for gifting birthday couples.

Gifts for a Shared Interest
Does the birthday couple have a shared hobby? If so, you’ve got a ready-made gift list! There are plenty of shareable gifts available which cater to hobbies and interests like cooking, travelgardening and other commonly shared activities. Seek out gifts they can use together, like a professional cooking class for a cuisine they enjoy but don’t cook themselves, a set of travel guides to a region they’ve been wanting to visit, or a gift certificate to the local nursery or home improvement store. Before you buy, make sure it’s a truly shared interest – not one partner’s passion which the other reluctantly goes along with.

Customized Gifts
One of the most classic gift ideas for couples is the personalized gift. Everybody loves something with their name or initials on it, and this is especially true for happy couples. Stay away from items that are common – everybody either has (or doesn’t want) a set of monogrammed luggage. Instead, seek out unique personalized gifts. You can use personalization in many ways. A shared-hobby gift becomes even more special when it incorporates personalization. You might also do a bit of digging and discover how the couple met, then create a gift which is unique to their relationship. Remember that personalization doesn’t necessarily mean emblazoning a couple’s names on a gift. Location-related gifts are hot right now, and sweetly personal without being sappy. Do you (or can you find out) where the couple met? A framed map of the area would look great hanging on their wall, and provide a lovely conversation starter.

Gifts for the Home
Whether the happy couple is already living in their dream house or scraping by in a studio apartment, gifts for the home are always appreciated. Be sure to buy with the couple’s lifestyle in mind. Do they entertain a lot? If so, personalized trays or glasses are a classic choice. If they prefer to spend time alone at home, consider a pair of cute throw blankets or something else cuddle-related.

Gifts for the Travelling Couple
Are you planning to give presents to a couple who are always on the go? Giving them something they can’t take along with them wherever they go is a bad idea. How else would they be able to appreciate your gift if they don’t get the chance to actually use or see it? The best thing to do is buy them a luggage, travel organizer, carry-all bag, or an e-book reader where they can store and read their favorite novels. On the other hand, if you know where they’re traveling to, research the place and find out what you can get the couple which they can use there. For example, you can buy them matching floral print shirts if they’re going to the tropics or gloves in case they’re going somewhere cold. Doing your own little research will help you look for the most appropriate gift to give the couple.

Gifts for the working couple
Many couples look forward to spending the remaining hours of the day at the comfort of their home especially if they work from morning to night. Be a thoughtful friend by giving the couple something that can help them relax and relieve stress. You can get them some scented candles and bath essentials they can use when enjoying a dip in the tub or some oils which they can use to massage each other. Further, you can download some soothing music into an mp3 player and give it to them as a present.

As you can see, with a little thinking, shopping for couples is just as easy as shopping for an individual. Remember to keep things as personal as possible – even if they’re not personalized – and they’ll appreciate the thought as much as the gift itself.

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