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How To Pick Her Best B’day Gift


Know what your woman loves and find the best birthday gift for her.

There are so many online stores nowadays that you can browse to choose the perfect birthday present for your loved one. If you take a look at them, a lot of items are geared towards women, so it’s never a problem finding the right birthday gift for the woman you want to surprise – your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, best friend, buddy or officemate.

The dilemma is, with all the stuffs being offered, how do you choose the best birthday gift for her?

Below are some tips on how to pick a great gift for your girl.

1. Listen to her talk.
During a conversation, she can drop a hint of what she dreams to have or wants to purchase. She must have mentioned her favorite music or artist. Did she tell you about her pet cat, or her desire to go to her dream destination? Maybe she just prefers flowers with a greeting card or something for her beloved pet.

2. See where she spends most of her time.
Is it at home, in the office, with friends, at the mall, or at the gym? If she is a homebody, house decorations or a home and kitchen piece would be a perfect gift. If she loves to workout, give her something she can use for her exercise or fitness regimen. If she is your co-worker, an office article or any object she can put on her desk would be something she can use and she’ll appreciate you for it.

3. Know what makes her tick.
She might have some hobby that preoccupies her attention. What does she love to do? Someone who loves to write would prefer a book or a writing material or a gadget. A woman who loves to travel would be delighted to get something she can include in her luggage.

4. Look at her fashion sense.
If she loves to dress up and look good, a make-up item or a perfume or a fashion accessory would be your best bet. You can look at the tons of lady’s bags or shoes that you woman will love to wear. But then, again, a piece of jewelry will always get any lady speechless.

5. Shop with her, even just for once.
If you still do not have any inkling of what you can purchase as a gift to your loved one, try to accompany her when she shops. She’ll definitely tell you what she wants. If not, you can observe her shopping habits and see which section she spends more time checking.

In the end, what matters most to a lady is that the gift is given with love. She prefers that the gift also means a lot to the giver as much as to her. It would even be best if the gift is something that you two can do together. For women, a gift is an extension of a bond or relationship, so a well-thought one is always important.

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