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How To Pick The Right Perfume


Give your loved one the gift of scent that will make them feel special.

A perfume is one of the best birthday gift ideas that are great for her or for him. Giving someone the gift of scent speaks volume because a perfume affects the senses, bestowing a touch of allure and charm to the person who receives it.

The key in giving perfume as a birthday gift is to select the precise one for the person you want to surprise for this special occasion. But before we go to choosing the right perfume, let us first take a look at the different types of fragrance available.

Floral – the flowery fragrance is what most women love to wear. Examples are lavender, rose, jasmine, etc.

Fresh – the whiff of the ocean, fruits, and leaves give a fresh feel to the wearer. This type of fragrance is fitting for both men and women.

Oriental – exotic scents like cinnamon, vanilla and spices emit a sense of mystery that a man or woman can put on.

Woody – the musky smell of oak and the earthy aroma of wood are mostly suitable for men.

Know the signature scent of the one you are giving the perfume to. Does your girlfriend or boyfriend have a signature scent that falls in any of the type of fragrance listed above? The kind of fragrance that your wife wears indicate her preference to the smell she wants to exude, while the perfume scent of your husband is a hint on how he wants to be perceived. Observe well and choose well.

Match the scent to the personality of your loved one. The person you want to surprise with a perfume – your best buddy, your boss or co-worker, or your mentor – will value your gift if it matches his or her personality. Again, you can refer to the fragrance types mentioned. Floral is for those who are romantic, dainty, and affectionate. Fresh is ideal for the sporty, adventurous, and cheerful. The oriental agree with those who are mysterious, exotic, and outlandish. A woody scent is apt for someone who is classy, powerful, and sophisticated. You can also choose according to the strength of the scent that will complement the wearer.

Select the attractive packaging. How it smells is one thing. How it looks is another. Since there are a lot of perfumes in every category of fragrances, you can narrow down your choices on how presentable they are, including the brand name. It doesn’t have to be expensive because there are so many brands that are affordable and easy on the pocket.

Now, take your pick and give your loved one a gift that comes from your heart. May it be a sentimental memento, a token of appreciation, a romantic gesture, or a gratifying deed; there is a perfume that is spot-on for the person you want to give this with. A perfume is a gift scent with love.

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