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Illuminated Cell Phone Case


Dress up your iPhone with this light up phone case from LuMee

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If you love to take selfies or do video chats where in you wanted to make sure that your face looks great, this mobile phone case may be the one that you need. I for one am guilty of taking selfies especially in different places where I travel. For some cases where in the place may not have enough light, the photos may not look as good as you would have wanted to, however, having this LuMee may be really helpful after all. LuMee is a phone case that has built in lights at the sides. Aside from taking selfies or video chatting in some darker places, it also serves as a flashlight if you are looking for something. It’s a great accessory to bring when you go to parties, events and even camping out.illuminated-phone-case

The case itself will serve as your phone protector as it is impact resistant and can withstand usual drops. It also has a separate battery that you can recharge independently from you mobile phone. Brightness adjustments are also available so that you can select the right amount of light that you need. on its lowest brightness level, the LuMee Illuminated Cell Phone Case can last for about 36 hours and that’s definitely long hours of usage!

Since phone cases are very common for gift giving, I still find this particular case ideal if you are looking for a birthday gift for girls or friends that may be celebrating soon. It comes in 5 different colors which are white, black, silver, gold and rose gold which makes it perfect for just about any iPhone color that they may have. And of course, don’t forget to get yourself a treat as well as you would really love this case.lumee-iphone5-illuminated-case

Turning on and off the illuminator can easily be accessed with your finger tips while the light dimmer can easily be adjusted by simply holding the on and off button down to select your preferred lighting. The LuMee phone case is compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, iPhone 6, 6S and iPhone 6 Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy S6.lumee-illuminated-iphone-case

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