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Incense Smoke Cone Tower

birthday gift for her

Amazing back flow incense tower – a great centerpiece for your home

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Backflow incense is gaining popularity nowadays because of its design. Typical cones will produce smoke from the top just like stick incense but this kind does it the other way around. Instead of going up, it channels the smoke to be poured down the tower which gives a magical effect. The backflow incense cone has to a thin vertical space in the center to where the smokes pass.

It’s Magical and Relaxing

This particular Ceramic Glaze Incense Smoke Cone Burner Backflow Censer Tower Holder from Pixnor is a must have for people who loves to have their own nice fragrance at home. It mimics a waterfall design where in the smoke fills every layer then pours to the bottom as it gets full. It comes in color black and is made of ceramic material which makes it a perfect display for most homes. The size of this tower is small which also makes it a perfect birthday gift for women who loves to use incense at home or wanted to try using one. Surely they’ll be mesmerized on how relaxing it looks.incense-smoke-cone-2

Benefits of Incense

Using incense is definitely more than having a great smell the moment you enter home. Just by looking at it already gives you a relaxing feeling that you might need at the end of each day. It also helps people who may have a hard time sleeping soundly. Aside from this, using backflow incense cones or any other types of incense also offers therapeutic effects.incense-smoke-cone-1

Different Choices

Backflow incense cones come in different colors and scents. Depending on what you like, you may choose to get what’s available in the market or even make one on your own. Most of the time, scents like lavender, rose, jasmine, sage and other organic scents are popular. However, it is always best to ensure that you are getting quality backflow incense cones to make sure that the smoke will go down as if being poured and not just like the others that continues to emit smoke from the top. At the same time, choose a great backflow incense cone tower such as this Pixnor Ceramic Glaze and enjoy it even more.incense-smoke-cone-3

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