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3D Pen For Your Kid’s Creativity


Bring Life to Your Child’s Artworks With this 3D Printing Pen from Manve

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Birthday Gift for Kids
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your child’s drawing! Sketching will never be the same again for your 7-year old once you gift him with this amazing Manve 3D Printing Pen for his birthday. He’ll go crazy having this new tool that can make him create designs as far as his mind can go. Instead of ink, the pen melts the plastic ABS filament that comes in various colors to produce a three-dimensional object. It has an adjustable speed feature so that your kid can control the pen based on his hand speed. This pen is easy to hold and use due to its slender shape and light weight.

The pen has a safety feature wherein it automatically shifts to standby setting after five minutes of not in use. It stops the heating ring from working so that it avoids any scorching when your kid forgets to turn it off. Let your child’s creativity know no boundaries. Allow his imagination to come to life with this intelligent 3D printing pen – the best birthday gift for your son on his 7 th birthday.

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