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Introducing Reminders

Birthday Gift Reminder

Like a product? Set a reminder and shop when you need it!

“REMIND ME” is a new feature that helps you get a reminder about particular product that you like now but want to check it again and shop at later point in time for someone’s birthday. Instead of bookmarking and manually searching for the page, “Remind Me” feature directly sends you an email.. say a couple of weeks before your boyfriend or girlfriend’s birthday!

How does reminders work? It’s simple.
Click on Remind me Button > Set a date > Receive Reminders. It’s that easy! Check out the below screenshots:

Click on the “Remind Me” button

Select the date you want us to send you a reminder.

Receive reminders!


Note: You can access and manage reminders by clicking on “My Reminders” on top right of the navigation bar.


Do give it a try and share your feedback 🙂


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