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Faith in bread

gift jesus toast maker

Surprise a friend who believes – The Jesus Toaster

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Express your faith and let others be informed about the second coming of the Son of our God, Jesus, through this Jesus Toaster. It is advisable to use white bread to have better picture of Jesus in the bread. This is one way of letting yourself be reminded to be thankful to the Creator for another day being added in your life. This toaster is 12 by 6 by 7 inches and weighs four pounds. It has power cord storage for easy and convenient keeping. Another feature of this toaster is that it has removable crumb tray. This tool is useful to avoid red ants from crowding for the crumbs. The toaster is exclusively distributed by The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation Collection of Novelty Toasters. This is perfect to make great gifts to anyone you love for all occasions. With this, you can remind the recipient how good the Lord is and that His Son will be coming soon. This is also perfect for those people who have forgotten our Father and those who do not know our Father. Using this toaster, you can start a small business by selling sandwiches with Jesus’ image to inform the people of His arrival soon.

jesus toast maker

jesus toast maker

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