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Just Squeeze It! Then Strain It!

Birthday gift - lemon juicer

It’s a Manual Lemon Juicer and Strainer In One

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Wouldn’t you want to have a kitchen tool that looks chic and, at the same time, can serves not just one, but two purposes? Well, here is something that you can look into because it deserves to be part of your kitchen accoutrements. This elegant white manual lemon juicer is made of heavy weight and solid ceramic, which is built to last because it can withstand chemical ruin that is brought about by the citric acid obtained innately in fresh citrus.

What’s more, it has a built-in strainer that will save you from exerting effort in separating the seeds or the extra pulp from the juice. No you don’t need to do that anymore. The strainer holes will do that for you as it allows the juice to go through it and filter the unnecessary stuff. Because the strainer is easy to wash, it makes the naturally squeezed juice safe for drinking. For only $18, this is a wonderful gift idea.

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