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Kevlar Arm Sleeves Protection


Protect your arms from any activity that may cause irritation & cuts…

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For some people who usually does types of job that puts their arms in to danger, one thing that they can do is to put on some safety sleeves for protection. However, not all products are created with quality or even built to last. Kevlar has been used widely for safety purposes due to its high strength materials. It’s even present on most bullet proof vest which means that it has been proven to do its job.

Keep out of danger!

Whenever my husband trims the plants in our garden or goes for a bike ride with his friends, he makes sure that he wears arm sleeves for protection against cuts, scratches, irritation and even sun exposure. In fact, most of his friends do that same as there are times where in they ride rough roads with trees all over and they wanted to make sure they are safe from any cuts from the branches or

This Kevlar Arm Protection is made of 100% Kevlar that is about 18 inches of knitted sleeves. It protects the whole arms and only exposes the fingers for easy hand movement. It comes with a thumb hole to ensure perfect fit while half of your hands are also protected.


Since it is made of high quality materials, you can make sure that it will last for a long time; its seamless design provides a perfect fit even after several washes. The Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeve is also cut resistant; this means that you can use it in many outdoor activities like if you are working in a warehouse, garden, food service as well as other jobs that expose you to too much heat from the

This product comes in 2 sizes, medium and full size. I think the medium ones are perfect for most women while the other would be for men. Having this as a birthday gift for men would be a great idea as it would really be helpful in so many ways. It comes in color yellow so it would also be perfect for women. It is machine washable and would not compromise its fit even after several washes.

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