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Kid’s Penguin Water Bottles


Must have cute unique water bottle for kids on the go

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As we all know, drinking water is very important. For most adults, it has been one of the most common advice that they get whenever they are sick or trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Because of this, you will see a lot of drinking bottles nowadays that are made of different designs, sizes and quality. Some are very expensive while some are really cheap which may also give you second thoughts. On the other hand, kids also need a good amount of water intake every day, and because there are times that they are at school or on a trip to somewhere, it is also necessary to give them their own water bottles that they can use whenever they feel thirsty.penguin-water-bottle-for-kids

The ChezMax Outdoor Water Bottle for Kids is one cool product that features a penguin for its design. It has a glass bottle inside which makes it safer to use. Its interior is made of high borosilicate glass while the outside is made of TPE/ABS material. This gives you peace of mind if you wanted to get rid of the usual bottles that we see that are made of poor quality.

It is heat resistance which allows you to pour hot drinks while colder ones won’t be a problem as well. Its screw on and leak proof lid ensures that there are no spills whenever it’s used in whatever position it may be. As for kids, they sometimes just place their bottles inside their bags regardless if it’s in an upright position or not, but since it is sealed tight, parent don’t have to worry about leaks. The opening of the bottle is also quite big making it possible to put on some ice if needed.penguin-hot-water-bottle

This penguin water bottle also makes a great birthday gift for kids. Not only it has a cute design but it is also easy to use and portable. It comes in different colors such as black, blue, gray and red which makes it more adorable. Cleaning the water bottle must be done by hands as some cleaning products or dishwasher may damage the bottle.penguin-unique-water-bottle

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