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Kinetic Sand – The new clay

Kinetic sand

Wonderful stress reliever you need to have in your office!

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Tired of playing clays and want something new? Kinetic Sand is like clays where children can still exercise their creativity and develop their hand-sensory abilities but the only difference is this is a sand. Like a clay, this sand is squeezable and can be made into different shapes and patterns. This kind of sand is suitable for building sand castles where everyone could not just simply build it using the sands found on beaches and seashores. It is made up of 98% sand and 2% Polymers. It is advisable for kids, not under 3 years old because it does stick on themselves. Unlike with clays which sometimes stick inside the children’s fingernails, kinetic sand sticks to itself and can clean easily. One pouch of kinetic sand is about 910 grams or 2 pounds. It is soft and dry but molds perfectly. This kinetic sand knows no age because it is not good only for children but also for adults. This is one of the perfect ways to release stress and spare your free time. Playing this with your kids is also a way of bonding each other and creating memories together.

Kinetic Sand Kinetic Sand

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